1. In which cases is it necessary to bring the original document to the bureau?

Please bring the original document to the bureau if you would like the translation to be stapled with the original text as well as to be confirmed by our bureau or by a Notary Public, if you would like the Notary Public to confirm copies of the original documents or when the quality of the scanned document is poor and the translator cannot translate all the information without the original text.

  1. Does the owner of the documents have to bring and take them back himself/herself?

No. It can be done by his/her family member, relative or friend, or any other person who the client trusts.

  1. Can the original documents be sent to us by mail?

Yes, of course, but you should send it as a registered letter. We can also send you confirmed translations back both in Lithuania and abroad (we will include the costs of delivery in the bill). Please don’t forget to write down your address!

  1. Can the time for confirmation by a Notary Public be reserved?

Unfortunately, we do not offer such opportunity. Notary Public accepts reservations only in the cases of various transactions, agreements, writing of a Power of Attorney and other documents.

  1. Is it necessary to replace old birth and marriage certificates, issued in LSSR, with the new ones?

Yes, especially when you are planning to go abroad to work, study or get married. These documents, even the ones issued in another city, can be changed by the Vilnius Civil Status Registry Office (K. Kalinausko St. 21, Vilnius 03107). The Vilnius Civil Status Registry Office can also issue the new documents on an urgent basis.

  1. Can the documents issued outside the borders of the Republic of Lithuania be apostilled and/or legalized in Lithuania?

No, only the documents issued in the Republic of Lithuania (with the stamp with Vytis) can be apostilled and legalised. Foreign documents can be apostilled and legalised only in the country they were issued. For more detailed information, see the “APOSTILLE” section at our website.

  1. Can we staple created greeting texts in the certain folder or write it down by hand on the postcard?

Unfortunately, we cannot. The client has to shape the created text (usually two copies of it) him-/herself however he/she or his/her relatives or friends like.

  1. Is it possible to pay for the service by a bank card?

Unfortunately, it is not. Payments can be performed either by the wire transfer before you arrive to take the translation or by cash when you arrive to take the translation.